Cloverdale BIA is Renewed!

The Board of Directors of the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association would like to acknowledge the support given by its members to renew the BIA for its fifth 5 year term starting on March 2015. The purpose of a BIA is to assist local property owners to improve and promote the local business area (the Cloverdale Town Centre) through initiatives to improve its economic viability. President Rob Paterson and the Board of Directors are spearheading the creation of a new 5 year plan. Some of the new areas that are being considered in the plan would be the addition of new gateway signage in particular a large “Welcome to Cloverdale” sign at the corner of Hwy #15 and Hwy #10. In addition, an aggressive business attraction program to fill retail gaps, more beautification projects plus increased security and crime reduction initiatives to name just a few. “As a long time resident and business person in Cloverdale, I am pleased to be part of a forward thinking business association that wants to make the Cloverdale Town Centre a safe and desirable place to conduct business, live, work and play.”